Growth Capital:

- Companies with a turnover above € 10mn;
- Significant minority positions with active involvement in management;
- Preference for companies with an established market / product that can benefit from a new phase of growth, privileging its export potential;
- Companies with proven global competitive advantage and positioned in sectors with barriers to entry;
- Strong component of innovation and R&D.

Special Situations:

Combining our team’s private equity and credit expertise, selecting opportunities with significant value potential through operational and strategic improvement,capital structure optimization and best use adjustments.

We assess complex opportunities throughout the capital structure in co-investment with local as well as international investors:
- Flexible investment mandate to take advantage of temporary market dislocations and condictions;
- Capitalize on changes in fundamentals, market dislocations, market sentiment and backdrop of companies and industries;
- Holistic approach (Distressed, Non-Preforming Loans, Real Estate, Asset Management);
- Provide specialist and dedicated asset management;
- Thematic Funds.